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June 2015

Welcome Analytica Users,

We are pleased to announce the release of Analytica 4.6. Version 4.6 is loaded with a host of enhancements that we think you will enjoy using. As always, please feel free to submit any questions or suggestions for the newsletter.

Marie Kjargaard, Newsletter Editor

Analytica 4.6 Release!
The Lumina Team is pleased to announce the release of Analytica 4.6, available as a free upgrade if you have current support. Improvements include:

  • 66% faster: - Significant optimizations reduce model evaluation time by 40% averaged over 9 large customer models
  • MultiTables let you combine input edit tables, and computed results in a single table view
  • COM automation lets you integrate models with myriads of Windows-based applications (Enterprise & Optimizer editions)
  • OnClick and OnChange attributes define actions for button clicks and changes to input variables using the Analytica language (replace Scripts)
  • Extensive graphing enhancements, including associating colors with index values

For more, see What's New in Analytica 4.6? 

If your support is current, Analytica should prompt you for a free and immediate upgrade to 4.6 when you run it next. To renew expired support, please contact us at or call 650-212-1212.

TIPS & TRICKS: Making a Simple UI
For end users, it's important to make key inputs and outputs immediately accessible, and to avoid overwhelming them with details. Analytica makes it easy for you to build a simple user interface! Create user input and output nodes in the top diagram, so users can find and use them without having to search inside the model. Simply right click a node to open the menu and select Make Input Node (Ctrl+Alt+I) or Make Output Node (Ctrl+Alt+O).

You can make input and output nodes for any type of variable - whether a single number or text, an edit table with one or multiple dimensions, a probability distribution, or something else! Input and output nodes are fully functional in Browse mode, so users can set inputs, but can't accidentally change the underlying model. An extra tip: use text nodes to help organize and label groups of inputs and outputs. Right click a text node and select Set Node Style... to give it a background, outline, or change the font.

Read more about creating User Interfaces in Chapter 10 of the Analytica User Guide.

Optimize Your Investment with On-site Training: We make house calls
Analytica Training courses help you learn the best practices for modeling and how to apply Analytica software to real-life problems.

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…an Analytica in-house training is the perfect tool for organizations currently using Analytica or considering transitioning to Analytica. We work with you to design a training that addresses your specific needs and models.

Contact us for your training needs.

Seeking Senior Analyst for Energy and Environmental Analytics

For the quantitatively-inclined, Lumina is a great place to apply your experience to interesting and important problems. Most of our consulting focuses on energy and environment. We are passionate about helping find paths to the future that are environmentally and economically sustainable. 

We are looking for an experienced analyst in energy and environmental analytics to lead and grow our consulting group. Should have a graduate degree in science, engineering, or operations research, and several years experience working as a consultant. For more

To apply, please send your resume to Principals only.

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