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March 2015

Welcome Analytica users and friends,

In this issue, we invite you to become an Analytica 4.6 beta tester. See the Rigs to Reefs feature article, authored by Lumina CEO Max Henrion, in the February issue of ORMS Today. From a roof-top, Lonnie Chrisman, ponders the cost effectiveness of installing solar panels and builds an Analytica model to evaluate the question. Plus we share a tip about navigating your model using Model Hierarchy. Enjoy this issue and as always, your feedback is welcome.

Marie Kjargaard, Newsletter Editor

Analytica 4.6 beta available
The first beta release of Analytica 4.6 and ADE is now available. This kicks off the beta testing cycle for this next release of Analytica and ADE. Read the recent blog post to find out how you can become a beta tester. To see a list of new enhancements, visit What’s New in Analytica 4.6?.

If you are already an Analytica user with active support, the beta installer obtains a beta license for your same edition (Professional, Enterprise or Optimizer). If you are not yet an Analytica user, or if you are an existing user but your support is not active, we invite you to beta test the Analytica Free 101 edition. The download links to the installers for the most recent beta build for Analytica can be found on the Beta Tester Page

Rigs to Reefs featured in ORMS Today
Lumina CEO Max Henrion's 2014 Decision Analysis Practice Award project based on the paper "A Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis of Decommissioning California's Offshore Oil Platforms" coauthored with Brock Bernstein and Surya Swamy has been published in the February 2015 issue of ORMS Today. The project assessed multiple options for decomissioning oil rig platforms off the coast of Southern California, and helped a contentious decision reach consensus. For more, see the Analytica case studyFrom controversy to consensus: Decommissioning California's offshore oil platforms and the article in ORMS Today, Rigs to Reefs: A Decision Analysis of Decommissioning California's oil platforms.

Cost effectiveness of installing solar panels
Lonnie Chrisman, Lumina CTOOur CTO, Lonnie Chrisman, performs dazzling rooftop analytics in a new 39-minute video while he demonstrates how to build an Analytica decision model from start to finish. Pondering whether installing solar panels would be cost effective, he leads us through the pragmatic aspects typical of modeling projects including identifying variables and influences, finding information, progressive refinement, managing dimension, exploring what-ifs, and comparing value over time. Watch the video or read the recent blog post to get a concrete example of what Analytica is all about. Then try these moves yourself!

TIPS & TRICKS: How to orient yourself in a large model
Are you lost in a big model? Can't find the module diagram you want?

The Module Hierarchy shows you where you are. It lists a module's ancestors across the top of each diagram, from the main model on the left down to the current module on the right.
 Module Path
As a shortcut, just click on an ancestor module to show its diagram. Or if the module you want isn't a direct ancestor - say an uncle or cousin or even a grandniece - click an arrow to the right of a module to see the modules it contains organized as an expandable hierarchy. Open up the subsections and click a module to open its diagram. Variable List
To turn on Module Hierarchy: Select Preferences.. from the  Edit menu. Then check Show Module Hierarchy.
       Show module hierarchy

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Analytica 4.6 beta available
Rigs to Reefs featured in ORMS Today
Cost effectiveness of installing solar panels
Tips & Tricks: Model Hierarchy

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