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Plotting over a Google Map

Lonnie Chrisman 19 Mar 2019 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Energy and environment, Modeling methods

I added a cool example model in the most recent Analytica 5.2 beta build. As a taste, here is what the result graph for the variable Generation Capacity looks like: It uses symbol size to depict the generation capacity and...

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Using Python to parse a Shapefile

Lonnie Chrisman 07 Aug 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

A shapefile (*.shp) is a binary file format used by Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I used an existing Python library (Fiona) to read and parse a shape file, and then imported that data into Analytica. Here I'll show how...

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How to call a Python function from Analytica

Lonnie Chrisman 03 Aug 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Modeling methods

I found it pretty easy to call a Python function from Analytica using COM automation. The COM integration functionality comes included with the Analytica Enterprise edition. In this blog posting, I'll show you the basics...

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Using the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE) from Python

Lonnie Chrisman 22 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Modeling methods

Today I interacted with an Analytica from Python, which for me was my first time doing so. To do so, I used the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), which bundles the core Analytica engine as a Component Object Model (COM)...

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Adding alternative axis scales to a graph

Lonnie Chrisman 15 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips, Modeling methods

Starting with a graph that varies by Time in units of Seconds, I show how to configure the graph so you can quickly change the horizontal scale from Seconds to Hours, Days or Years. This video is 3 minutes 16 seconds, or 0.00227...

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Cell formatting in DetermTable that shows which cells are active

Lonnie Chrisman 04 May 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

In this Analytica 5 Video Short,  I configure a DetermTable to use cell formatting so you can tell which data will be used by the computed result given the model's current selections. The solution uses a Cell Format...

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Analytica 5 Video Shorts: MultiChoice controls

Lonnie Chrisman 03 May 2018 Analytica tips

In this video, I showcase two uses for MultiChoice controls: For use in Selective Parametric Analysis, and for limited an index to a subset during your model's calculations. (Watch directly on YouTube) The Analytica 5 Video shorts series --...

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Analytica 5 Video Shorts: π-day Pie Charts—drawing and interacting with images

Lonnie Chrisman 14 Mar 2018 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

Today I'm celebrating π day with a three part series of Analytica 5 video shorts, during which I create an interactive pie chart. Watch these to learn how to draw your own custom images that respond to mouse clicks. ...

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Analytica 5 Video Short: Hiding and Disabling Model User-Interface Controls

Lonnie Chrisman 10 Dec 2017 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

Analytica 5.0 added several features that allow you to improve your end-user interfaces that you create for your model. One of those enhancements is the ChangeNodeVisibility( ) function that allows you to hide and show, or disable and enable various objects...

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Analytica 5 Video Short: An expression to crop an image

Lonnie Chrisman 13 Nov 2017 Analytica 5.0, Analytica tips

In this video short, I create an expression that extracts a small image from a larger one. In other words, it crops the original image to a smaller rectangular region of the image. Then I have it array abstract (now...

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