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Kim Mullins 14 Jun 2018 News

We are revitalizing the Analytica Users group on LinkedIn. This group links together Analytica users, trainers and consultants across the globe. We encourage users to ask questions, share lessons learned, discuss best practices, and work together to solve issues related to decision modeling and risk analysis. You can even take a moment to show off a method or a model you're proud of. Those of us at Lumina are active participants, too. Personally, I've learned a few tips from the group already!

Join the Analytica Users group to expand your network in the community and engage with your peers.

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Kim Mullins

Kimberley Mullins, PhD, is a Senior Consulting Analyst at Lumina. She holds a PhD jointly in Engineering & Public Policy and Civil & Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her academic work focuses on risk analysis and assessing life-cycle environmental impacts of energy systems and agricultural systems. At Lumina, Kim is able to pursue two professional passions - helping people make better decisions through quantitative analysis, and improving energy systems. Outside of work hours, she's working up the cycling stamina to bike The Great Trail, which traverses Canada from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic.

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