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Lumina at INFORMS 2018 in Phoenix

Kim Mullins 02 Oct 2018 Case studies and applications, News

Join us at INFORMS 2018 in Phoenix, AZ

We'll have a have a few events at this year's annual INFORMS meeting, held in Phoenix, AZ this November. In addition to our Lumina Decision Systems booth #56 in the Exhibition Hall (come by and say hello!), we'll be presenting three different workshops or talks:

How to engage with your clients for more effective analytics | Sat Nov 3, 1 to 3:30pm | Rm 124B

In this in-depth workshop, this year's recipient of the Frank P. Ramsey Medal, Max Henrion, will show how you can use Analytica as a key aid for more effective conversations with your clients, including how to:

  • - Draw influence diagrams to help clients articulate their real objectives and decisions, and to work with them to frame and scope problems.
  • - Use sensitivity analysis to help your clients understand what data and assumptions really matter and why.
  • - Employ agile modeling methods to build decision tools that end users find usable and useful.
  • - Design compelling visualizations to provide your clients a basis for informed and confident decisions.

Practicing analysts and modelers will find these methods effective for improving client engagement in conjunction with almost any analytics software, but Analytica is unique in offering features designed specifically to support this approach to interactive modeling. Active participants will receive a free 12-month Analytica license. If you already have Analytica, you can give it to a colleague!

>> Note that this workshop is before the first day of the conference! Sign up via the registration website, or, call INFORMS customer service at 443-757-3500.

Max Henrion awarded the Frank P. Ramsey medal | Mon Nov 5, 4:30 to 6:00p | N Bldg, 226C

At the Decision Analysis Society Awards session (MD41), Lumina CEO Max Henrion will receive his award, and reflect on the development of Analytica, his career as an academic and a practitioner, and the far-reaching influence of decision analysis.

How to engage with your clients for more effective analytics | Tues Nov 6, 5:20 to 6:05pm | N Bldg, 223

In this tutorial (TE34), Max Henrion will show how you can use Analytica as a key aid for more effective conversations with your clients, where 'clients' could be your boss, your consulting clients, or any decision maker that you're engaged with. This tutorial will cover similar, high-level topics as the workshop (above).

Using software to help engage with clients | Wed Nov 7, 9 to 9:20am | N Bldg, 226B

Within the 'Decision Analysis and Research Study Design' session (WA40), Max Henrion will share his experiences on how decision analysts can software tools to facilitate understanding and analyzing new problems, by using influence diagrams to frame and bound decision problems, an agile modeling process driven by interactive sensitivity analysis, and model exploration and visualization to help clients get a visceral understanding of how decisions affect the objectives they care about.

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Kim Mullins

Kimberley Mullins, PhD, is a Senior Consulting Analyst at Lumina. She holds a PhD jointly in Engineering & Public Policy and Civil & Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Her academic work focuses on risk analysis and assessing life-cycle environmental impacts of energy systems and agricultural systems. At Lumina, Kim is able to pursue two professional passions - helping people make better decisions through quantitative analysis, and improving energy systems. Outside of work hours, she's working up the cycling stamina to bike The Great Trail, which traverses Canada from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic.

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