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December 2015

Welcome, Analytica Friends,

In this issue we share details about Analytica Cloud Player Premium Plan and show you how named parameter syntax makes it easier to understand formulas in your model. Please feel free to send your comments, questions, ideas and requests.

It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to contributing to your success in 2016. Happy Holidays!

Marie Kjargaard

Introducing ACP Premuim Plan

A Group Plan for the Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) lets a group of Analytica users share and deploy models on the web. With ACP, you can let people run your models as web applications in a browser without them having to install any software. The new ACP Premium Plan substantially extends the ACP Group Plan. It lets members deploy larger models for up to 25 users (vs 10 in the Group Plan), file size up to 200 MB, 5 CPU minutes per calculation, and 1200 runs per month. It also lets you run ACP models using the Analytica Optimizer. You can upgrade from the standard Group Plan to the Premium Plan. For more

Tips & Tricks: Named Parameters

When you call a function in a Definition did you know you can enter the parameters in any order you like? You simply name the parameters:
   Uniform(min: 1, max: 100, integer: True)

Named parameter syntax makes it easier to understand a formula, but allows you to call the parameters in any order. It still works even if you don’t name all of the parameters so that Analytica can read both of the following:
   Uniform(integer: True, min: 1, max: 100)
   Uniform(1, 100, integer: True)

As you type in a function call, ExpressionAssist lets you know what parameters it expects — you can see below that max is bold, so whatever is entered next will be used for the «max» parameter. 

For more details about named parameters and expression syntax visit the Analytica Wiki here.

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