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June 2016

Welcome, Analytica friends, 

Lumina Welcomes Resellers in Latin America and Italy
We are pleased to announce that we have signed up resellers in Italy and Brazil, adding to our network of resellers in Germany, China, Canada, Japan, and Australia. Paragon Decision Science, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has 20 years experience in decision support technology, providing consulting, training, and software for over 800 customers in Latin America. GMSL, based in Milan, Italy, offers the best software solutions for engineering and science, with training, advice, and complete customer care.

Documentary to feature Lumina Rigs To Reefs project
The Rigs to Reefs project, winner of the Decision Analysis Society's Practice Award, showed how decision analysis can clarify controversial social issues and provide solutions. The Decision Education Foundation (DEF) is working with Jonah Moshammer, a young environmentalist filmmaker, to tell this story with a 25-minute documentary.

This film will focus on how decision analysis methods helped resolve conflicts around the decommissioning of California’s 27 offshore oil platforms. “We need to spread the word that Decision Science is being applied with terrific results to Societal Decision Making, so that we can increase that impact and creatively resolve the many complex issues facing society,” states Chris Spetzler, Executive Director of DEF. See the trailer. DEF has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 to produce the documentary. 

Targets and turmoil in UK energy policy: energy modeling at the science-policy interface
Francis Li, Research Associate at the Energy Institute at University College London (UCL), will present his work on modeling UK climate policy and human behavior. BLUE (Behaviour Lifestyles and Uncertainty Energy) is a dynamic Analytica model of the UK electricity system. It simulates technology diffusion, energy demand, and CO2 emissions, based on probabilistic models of consumer behavior. He will speak at Lumina’s office in Campbell California at noon PST to 1pm on Wednesday 8th June. RSVP if you would like to attend in person, or remotely via web meeting.

Tips & Tricks: Using OnClick
The OnClick attribute evaluates an expression when you click a button or picture. There is no need to learn a special typescript language; anything that can go into an Analytica definition can go into an OnClick expression.

You can also use OnClick to assign a value to a global variable, using the := operator. If you want to set a global variable x to y + z,  you would use this OnClick expression:
x := y + z;

Copying data is useful with import functions like SpreadsheetRange() and ReadTextFile() when you want to save imported data in a variable for later reuse. For more on buttonsOnClick, and the Assignment operator see the Analytica Wiki.

Lumina welcomes senior consulting analyst Ted Forsman to the team!
Theodore (Ted) Forsman, M.S., is a Senior Consulting Analyst who began his consulting career in 1990 with Decision Focus Inc., one of the pioneering firms specializing in sophisticated quantitative modeling. He holds a B.S. in Mathematical Sciences and M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University.

"I am very enthused to be part of the Lumina team. Choosing Lumina was easy. As Big Data and Data Science become the mainstream in Silicon Valley and beyond, the next growth phase will be fueled by Analytics. Lumina’s flagship product, Analytica, is the leading analytics platform in the marketplace. Being part of the Lumina team allows me to work with world class professionals using the leading technology, and leverage my 30 years experience in helping clients design, build, and use quantitative decision models."

Read more about Ted or if you would like to contact Ted about your next project, send an email to