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March/April 2017

Welcome, Analytica friends,

Influence DiagramIs Analytica what Microsoft says will be the future of programming?
At the Future Decoded conference, Norm Judah, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Services, said, “When someone thinks of business solutions they will be programming in models. They will still be coding but it wouldn't be the way you and I think of it right now".

“Programming in models” is a great description of how Analytica works. Analytica’s features make it easier to build business models without the need to use conventional computer languages. Could Analytica modelers be at the leading edge of the future of programming? For more.

Tips & Tricks: Ctrl-click a node to write a definition
The handiest way to write the definition of a variable is also the least known. Just select the variable node in its Diagram, and click ctrl-E to edit its Definition in the Attribute Panel at the bottom of the window. To insert the identifier of a variable into the Definition, simply press the control key and click the node of the variable in the diagram. You will see its identifier gently floating down into the Definition at the cursor. (This only works to insert variables or functions in the same parent Diagram.) So, now, we hope this handy method is no longer the least known!

Cubeplan/Analytica software tool leads to award
The International Marine Organization (IMO) recognized the Panama Canal Authority for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Panama Canal opened a massive expansion in June 2016 allowing for larger ships and double shipping tonnage. In planning this project, the Canal Authority used a software tool built with Cubeplan/Analytica by Novix to analyze the economic and environmental costs of alternative shipping routes, cargo, and types of ship enabled by this new capacity. This tool enabled them to find operational and routing improvements that reduced costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions, winning the Canal Authority an award for environmental protection from the International Marine Organization. For more.

The future of coal in South Africa
South Africa uses coal not only to generate electricity and for export, but also to produce gasoline and diesel. Is there a future for the South African coal industry in a low-carbon world? South Africa's Coal Roadmap uses Analytica to explore scenarios more compatible with low-carbon futures. For more.


Analytica Graduate Program
If you are graduating this spring, we congratulate you! We want to help you to continue using Analytica as you move from academic studies to the commercial environment.

Find out how you can get a full-featured Analytica Professional license for one year at no cost to you or your employer. Details.