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October 2015

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The UN has received pledges for the Paris climate talks this December from member nations that produce 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Are these pledges fair? Could they keep the world below the UN's 2OC warming target?  In this issue Max Henrion, CEO at Lumina, uses Analytica to analyze the issues.

Read on to find out how to have fun with dates and meet the newest member of the Lumina team.

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Marie Kjargaard

Apples to Oranges to Chinese Gooseberries: Pledges for the Paris climate talks

This December UN member nations will meet in Paris to negotiate a new Climate Change Treaty. In preparation, most countries (representing about 90% of global greenhouse gas emissions) have pledged to reduce emissions, including 26 to 28% by the US; 30% by Canada, 40% by the EU, and 60 to 65% by China. Is the US proposal really as feeble as it appears? Countries use a wide variety of base years and metrics making them really hard to compare.

In his blog article, Apples to Oranges: Apples to Oranges to Chinese Gooseberries: Pledges for the Paris climate talks, Lumina CEO, Max Henrion uses Analytica to make these pledges directly comparable. He asks, “Are they fair?" and "Are they enough to keep global warming below the UN's avowed goal of  2OC?"

Tips & Tricks: Fun with dates by Lonnie Chrisman, CTO
November 25 of this year will mark my ten thousandth anniversary. That's how many days will have elapsed since my wife and I were married back in 1988. The fact that I know the number of days may have you conjuring a vision of me counting the days, like a prisoner etching a mark for each day in his cell wall, but thankfully that is not the case. I simply found this anniversary date in Analytica using the expression:
   9-Jul-1988 + 10K

I recently impressed my sister when I told her how many days old she was. She was certain I had spent a lot of time working that out. Little did she know it was a simple matter of subtraction. For example, Jeanne Calment, the oldest verified person to have ever lived, lived to be 44,724 days old:
   4-Aug-1997 - 21-Feb-1875

I've found that my personal models of stock market volatility and option valuation tended to fit the data better when I measure the number of weekdays elapsed between two dates, as opposed to the total number of days elapsed. The number of weekdays remaining on an options contract is:
   DatePart(expirationDate, 'wd')
        - DatePart(Today(), 'wd')
The 'wd' stands for "week days". As you type into Analytica, Expression Assist lists all the options, from year 'Y' to second 's'.
To generate a sequence of the next 100 weekdays:
   DateAdd(Today(), 0..99, 'wd')
Or a sequence of weekdays between two given dates:
   Sequence(date1, date2, dateUnit:'wd')

Learn more at Date Functions on the Analytica Wiki.

New & Improved Analytica Wiki
Analytica Wiki is a great resource to find information about and examples for any Analytica function and concept. If you're a frequent Wiki user you may have noticed that the Wiki looks much cleaner and sleeker. However, there's a lot more to it than the look!

It's much faster than before, including faster and more intelligent search. We are constantly adding new content, and we encourage you to make improvements too. Editing the Wiki is much easier with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Visual Editor and support for Math, and MsUpload extensions. For details, see the New to the Wiki.

Lumina welcomes consulting analyst Jayon Wang to the team
Jayon is passionate about helping organizations tackle large and complex problems by bringing clarity to decision-making. He believes that communication helps teams stay on top of deadlines, coordinate project roles and prioritize tasks for maximum results. He has a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon, experience in the energy sector, and was CEO of his own start-up company.

Jayon chose Lumina because, "I get to solve difficult and urgent problems in many industries."

“I’m happy to work at a company where our customers are tackling the problems that shape our world.”

Read more about Jayon, or if you are looking for new ways to create models and overcome your challenges, you can reach Jayon at

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