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September 2014

Hello Analytica users,

It’s time once again to keep you informed about the latest influences in the world of influence diagram modeling. This issue starts with some gentle reminders about the latest Analytica Free 101, moves on to a zesty time saving modeling tip, and mellows out to a nice Cubeplan finish. As always, feel free to share your questions and requests.
Paul Sanford
Newsletter Editor


Spread the Word: Analytica Free 101

Lumina’s mission is to bring more transparent and effective modeling tools to analysts everywhere. To make Analytica available to those who find even the low $995 price of Analytica Professional a barrier, we've released Analytica Free 101 with no expiration date and no cost! It offers all the features of Analytica Professional, including influence diagrams, risk analysis, and Intelligent Arrays to let you build models with up to 101 variables and other user-defined objects. It also lets you review and run existing models of any size, but not edit them (and so replaces the former Analytica Player). Download it for free from


Analytica tip: The immediate pleasure of Ctrl-H

So you’re staring at a long expression. Its value isn’t what you expected. It might have something to do with pickle_price. But where is pickle_price? How can I see its definition quickly? Better press ctrl-F for Find, right? No, the easiest way is simply: Double-click on the identifier to select it and Ctrl-H for instant satisfaction. If you select an identifier in the Attribute pane it shows the corresponding node. If the identifier is in the Object view, it opens the Object view for that identifier. 

Think of H for “Here it is!”



Cubeplan: Integrated Planning with Analytica for the Enterprise

Cubeplan enables a truly integrated approach to business planning. Too many organizations still develop plans using a set of barely connected spreadsheets — with the result that revising a plan takes weeks or months of complex coordination. With Cubeplan, you can develop and modify integrated plans in minutes. Cubeplan is a web-based enterprise tool empowering collaborative plan development and review by analysts and executives throughout the organization. It provides transparency of influence diagrams, flexibility of Intelligent Arrays, and the power the Analytica Decision Engine. You get up and running rapidly with service in the cloud or on your organization's own servers. For more and to try it yourself visit


Analytica enables RDM analysis for Ho Chi Minh City

How can we prepare for the consequences of climate change without having to do the impossible … predict the future?

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is facing just that question. Although the city is building infrastructure solutions to protect itself from moderate flooding, it is vulnerable to the financial and population consequences from the growing risk of severe flooding.

Using Analytica, RAND developed a computer model incorporating robust decision making. The model allowed the team to explore how mitigation options, including adaptation, retreat from non-protectable areas and infrastructure investments, could reduce risk over a range of deep uncertainties.

The Analytica model was developed by RAND for The World Bank and the Ho Chi Minh’s Steering Center for Flood Control. A full case study is available on the Lumina website.


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