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ACP Features

This page describes the features of Analytica Cloud Player (ACP).

ACP is like the Analytica Player

ACP offers almost all the features of desktop Analytica Player. It lets you open a model, view diagrams, object windows, and results as graphs or tables. It lets you change any variable designated as an input, including as an Edit table; but it won't let you change other variables or create new objects.

Like the Power Player, it also lets you save a changed model so you can continue with the changed model in a later session.

How ACP Improves on Analytica Player

ACP offers several enhancements that are not (yet) available in desktop Analytica:

  • When you move the cursor over a node (without clicking), it highlights the node with a light rectangle around it.
  • Like most web applications, you use single not double clicks to drill down -- for example, to open a module diagram.
  • It can display a result table or graph, or edit table, embedded in a diagram, instead of having to open the result or edit table in a separate window. As model author in desktop Analytica, you simply make the height of the input or output node greater than four times the default height, appox. 100 pixels. When you upload and open the model with ACP, the graph or table appears embedded in its parent diagram, in the rectangle with size and location specified for the node.
  • It shows a copy button next to each result table, which lets you copy result values for pasting into Excel or other applications.

There are some features of Analytica not available in ACP. See wiki page for details.

Sharing ACP Models

All ACP users can send email invitations to others to view and run models in ACP.

A Basic Group Plan allows you to set up members (no comma) as readers, authors, or administrators for each project. All members can list, review, and run models from directories to which they have access. Authors can upload and download models to and from project directories.

A Premium Group Plan allows you to set up twice as many users, sessions, and computations per session. If models require optimization, Analytica Optimizer can be purchased as an add-on.