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Compare Analytica Editions to Build Models

This table shows the features of Analytica Editions for building models. You can use any of them to deploy models for end users to review and run via the web using Analytica Cloud Player. See Compare Analytica Editions to Run Models for more on those editions.

Editions Free 101 Professional Enterprise Optimizer

Create and edit models with more than 101 user objects.


Watermarks on Diagrams and print outs


Influence diagrams

Risk and uncertainty with Monte Carlo

Intelligent Arrays™

Function libraries, including maths, probability distributions, stats, financial, matrix, and more.

Create user interface with inputs and outputs

Share models on the web with Analytica Cloud Player

Read and write to Excel spreadsheets

Integrate with databases and COM


Save models as Browse-only and Encrypted


Unlimited index and sample sizes (vs. limit of 32,000)


Time Profiler for CPU cycles and memory by variable


Solvers for linear, quadratic, MIP, and nonlinear optimization


Standard Price

Availability Download
*Prices here are Lumina's standard retail price. Educational and other discounts may be available.