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Capacity Planning Tools

Capacity planning is about sizing equipment and facilities to handle uncertain demand. A key challenge is to time your expansion of capacity when confronted with uncertain forecasts for demand. Too soon, and you waste capital on facilities that lie idle; too late, and you may miss a profitable market or lose existing customers.

Analytica is an ideal tool for capacity planning. Using Monte Carlo, it lets you analyze uncertainties in supply and demand. Intelligent Arrays™ make it easy to model uncertain schedules for building new capacity and scheduling new production. Influence diagrams enable a degree of transparency that is unknown in spreadsheets. 

Lumina has built capacity planning tools for several industries, including oil and gas production, data centers (ADCAPT), and R&D planning for biotech. Let us know if you would like to learn more about our existing applications - or would like assistance building a capacity planning tool tailored for your own applications. We can assist your analysts in building a capacity planning tool or we can build it for you.

General Portfolio System (GPS)

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Analytica Network Flow Analyzer (ANFA)

Lumina capacity planning tools are built using Analytica. This makes the tools highly flexible and easy-to-customize to meet the needs of specific applications. They represent...

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Data Center Capacity Planning Tool

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