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Cubeplan Features

Influence Diagram representation

A graphical visualization of business logic allows a rapid interpretation of variable influences. You can hierarchical navigate your business areas, drilling down to minimal detail of model formulation. 

Flexible Data Cubes Visualization

Business information is naturally multidimensional. Products are sold in time, by regions, by packaging, etc. Working with interactive data cubes allows slicing and dicing for uncovering hidden valuable information. 

Plain Language Formulation

Cubeplan has an intuitive formulation language that enhances formula comprehension. Operations are constructed based on node names transmitting meaningful business concepts. 

Role Based Security

Accesses are granted at individual or group levels allowing to hide confidential information while at the same time permitting collaborative working.

Empowered Collaboration Through Model Sharing

Every user has the right to share its own models with a coworker or group of coworkers on a “Read only” or “Read and write mode”.. 

Easy Scenario Manager

Cubeplan includes a powerful scenario manager that allows saving and comparing different scenarios at any time. 

Customizable Dashboards

This outstanding feature allows creating and customizing dashboards at user level. Customized Dashboards are the most efficient way of showing key outputs of large models. 

Geographic Information Visualization

Cubeplan includes the possibility of representing information with state of the art maps (Google maps). It natively supports KML meta-language for exchanging information. 

Collaborative Documentation

An internal collaborative documentation tool supports the process of documenting business logic. The model and its documentation constitute the company Business Knowledge Reservoir. 

Flexible Data Exchange (import-export)

Seamless data integration to multiple sources i.e. Excel, text or CSV files. ODBC allows connectivity to all data sources as well as output using many standards.