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Cubeplan Services

Whether you are evaluating alternatives to migrate from a spreadsheet-based model or to have the idea to go for an enterprise-wide integrated planning system, Cubeplan Professional Services can help you achieve your goals on time and budget.

Cubeplan consultant team is formed by financial, marketing and operations modeling professionals with vast experience solving the most complex business challenges. We invite you to go through the case studies to find out the type of planning models successfully implemented.

Step 1: Model Development

The first step consists of designing and developing the planning model that fulfill the initial set of challenges and goals. In order to do that our team conduct interviews with your planning champions to understand your way of planning, we review your current spreadsheets or existing systems and define with you the logic of your business planning. At the same time data sources are identified and defined the way and periodicity data will be load into the model.

Step 2: Implementaion and Training

Cubeplan could be provided as SAAS (software as a service) or installed on your own server. No matter your option, your personnel are trained in order to use and modify the model. The model is delivered “Open Source” for you to adapt and scale at your own. After the training you are ready to go and start planning collaboratively.

Step 3: Permanent Support

We provide permanent support for answering questions about model use or adapting your model whenever you consider it necessary.

Take the first step, contact us. A consultant will take note of your challenges and goals and walk you through our approach. Stop wasting your time checking errors and validating data let us empower your value adding work.