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Lumina Consulting Services

Lumina provides consulting services to bring clarity and decisiveness to your organization's decisionmaking.

This year, many firms will branch into new markets, test new products, and evolve their business in new directions. The firms most likely to succeed will approach the business planning and decision-making process in a reasoned, systematic way. Lumina has contributed to the state-of-the-art in decision science, and their consulting team can share this knowledge with your firm.

To provide you the widest variety of methodological and domain expertise, Lumina maintains both a team of in-house consulting professionals, as well as a network of affiliated consultants. Through Lumina's affiliate program, you gain access to industry leading consultants with expertise in decision analysis and in the use of Analytica.

How do I model complex problems?

Lumina's consulting services emphasize client education. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to navigate today's uncertain business climate. We can:

  • Outline and help you execute an internal review and decision making process for new ventures, tailored to your firm's needs and expectations.
  • Determine your modeling needs through an analysis of your venture objectives.
  • Implement a modeling framework and a suite of models that communicates your insights at multiple levels of detail and sophistication.
  • Pinpoint areas for continued planning and refinement based on quantitative analyses of model results.
  • Help you assess your confidence in the business venture, and compare your confidence to that of other potential stakeholders in the venture, and to different ventures.
  • Maintain and evolve the model to provide value as you shift your venture from planning, to funding, to operations.

How can I evaluate new business ventures?

Lumina's experience in consulting includes a wide array of activities, from hands-on Analytica® training in classrooms nationwide to early phase evaluation of e-commerce start-ups to the planning of multibillion dollar communications infrastructure investments. Lumina consultants are trained in decision analysis, finance, economic modeling, and a range of vertical market domains that best address the needs of our clients.

We are available for short-term consulting to jump-start your internal planning and review efforts, for 1-5 day courses on getting the most from Analytica as a business modeling tool, and for long-term, large-scale product planning processes.

We specialize in producing integrated models which combine engineering, marketing, and financial considerations for a potential product, or venture, to provide maximum insight into the venture viability, strategy, and optimal execution path.

How can I transition to a better set of tools and processes for decision making?

Lumina also offers a full suite of model conversion and validation services. If you've reached the limit of what's possible (or manageable!) with your current modeling tools, Lumina can help you navigate a path to a superior set of modeling tools in Analytica.

Converting models to the Analytica environment can also involve a full technical audit of the model mechanics, and creation of documentation for use with the models within, and outside, your organization.

How can I learn more about Lumina's consulting services?

Please contact  Jaya Hoy at (650) 212-1212 for more information about Lumina's consulting services.