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Upgrade Analytica

You can use this form to upgrade from one edition of Analytica or ADE to a higher edition. For example, from Analytica Professional to Analytica Enterprise.

To upgrade from an older release to a more recent release, you may not need to use this form.

  • If you wish to upgrade to Analytica 5 from Analytica 4.6, and have "active support" for 4.6, then you have already been issued a 5 Analytica subscription (that will expire when your support expires). The activation key for that subscription was previously emailed to you (between Oct 27 and Nov. 2, 2017). Please check your email. That's all you need, there is no need to use this form.
  • If you wish to upgrade from one Analytica 5.x release to another (e.g., Analytica 5.1 to 5.2), just run the newer installer. Your subscription license is already valid for any 5.x subscription and does not need to be regenerated or reactivated.
    • An exception to this is if you grandfathered into a legacy perpetual license for 5, and have active support, then you do need to upgrade. (This is relatively uncommon)
  • If you don't have an active Analytica subscription, please use the Buy Analytica page to purchase a subscription. 
  • If you wish to renew your subscription, use the Renew Subscriptions page

For assistance, please call us at (650) 212-1212 or email us at

How it Works

When you upgrade from one edition to another, or from an individual license to a floating license, you pay the difference between the price of the new subscription and the available trade-in credit on your current license. 

An active subscription entitles you to run any release of the software, so there is no need to upgrade a subscription just to move to a more recent release. 

Trade-in Eligibility

Only active subscriptions have a trade-in value. Subscriptions have a standard 12 month duration and need to be renewed annually.  

If you had active support for Analytica 4.6, then you have an Analytica 5 subscription with the same expiration date. 

If you are unsure, please Contact us for a quote.

Trade-in Credit

When you trade-in an old license subscription for a new one, your new license subscription will be valid for 12 months.

Contact us for the current trade-in value of your license.

Free Upgrades to Latest Release

An Analytica subscription includes all release upgrades, both minor (e.g., from 4.5 to 4.6) and major (5.x to 6.x).

The older active support that was in place for 4.x licenses included minor releases but not major releases, but it did provide for a 30% discount from the list price for a major release. If you are upgrading from Analytica 4.6 to Analytica 5, instead of having to pay 70% of list price to start using Analytica 5, we've transitioned you into the Analytica 5 subscription program. A subscription does require you to renew annually (which differs from the former active support with optional renewal), but it removes all limitations on tech support, eligibility to upgrade, etc. Your new subscription is active to the expiration date of your current license.

If you installed Analytica 4.6 prior to October 30, 2017, your installed license is not impacted by the new 5.x subscription, even if you use Analytica 5.x for a while and then drop your subscription. 

If you purchased Analytica after October 30, 2017, your subscription allows you to use an earlier release such as Analytica 4.6 while your subscription is active. However, we doubt you'll want to use 4.6 instead of Analytica 5.

If you have current support and wish to discuss options to a subscription, please Contact us

Upgrade to a Floating License

A floating license is usable by anyone in your organization (one at a time per license). It is priced at 2.5 times the standard individual user license. If you want to trade in multiple individual licenses for a floating license, use this page to submit each trade-in license. All trade-ins will then appear in your cart as a credit towards your floating license purchase.

Finding your License Information

You can find your license name when running Analytica by opening the Update license... dialog from the Help menu. Copy and paste the License Identifier field into the form.